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How many languages are there in the world today?

There are roughly 6300 languages across all of the seven continents.

What are ways to get involved?

How many languages are in need of translation?

As of January, 2020, there are 3,800 languages that have little to no Scripture.

What does my $35 dollars cover?

Every verse that is translated goes through these six steps (and others) to ensure accuracy and clarity:

  1. First Draft: study and produce a first draft.
  2. Team Check: together translators check each verse for accuracy and clarity.
  3. Community Testing: drafts are shared with local speakers to gauge how well the text communicates. Is it clear? Is it easy to read and understand in the mother tongue? Is it accurate?
  4. Back Translation: the team translates drafts “back” into a major language for an advisor to evaluate who speaks a language other than their own.
  5. Consultant Check: biblical scholars check the translation for quality and accuracy.
  6. Proofread: rigorously proofread for errors before publication.

How is the work getting done and who is doing the work?

The Bible translation agencies and their field teams. All donations are split amongst each Bible translation agency according to the variety of projects going on. We have the allotted agency listed on each project page to show which agency is responsible for each translation project. To view:

What are the average costs for Bible translations?

  • $35 translates a verse
  • $1,000 translates an average chapter
  • $60,000 provides 1 year of translation progress
  • $120,000 provides translation for portions of Scripture
  • $420,000 translates the New Testament
  • $960,000 translates the Full Bible

What is the difference between illumiNations and Share Light?

IllumiNations is a collective impact alliance of Bible translation partners and resource partners working together to eradicate Bible poverty by 2033. Share Light is the global church mobilization campaign working to raise awareness and financial support to accomplish the goals of illumiNations.

How can I see all of the Bible translation projects happening around the world?

Who are the ten Bible translation organizations working to accomplish this goal?

American Bible Society, Biblica, Deaf Bible Society, Lutheran Bible Translators, Pioneer Bible Translators, Seed Company, SIL, The Word for the World, United Bible Societies, and Wycliffe USA.

What if I have other ideas of involvement that I would like to propose? (i.e. concert or book tours, conferences or other partnership opportunities)

Email [email protected] and our team will respond directly.

I am interested in an internship.

Email [email protected] and our team will respond with our internship details.

I am interested in going to the field where the translation work is being done.

For all press and media inquiries:

To follow the Share Light campaign and illumiNations on social media:

  • Facebook and Instagram: @illumiNationsBible
  • Twitter: @illumiNationsBT
  • Hashtag: #sharelight

Do you have an online store to get Share Light merch?

I would like to purchase items for an event coming up or a bulk order of over 50 items.

What are the All Access Goals of illuminations and the Share Light campaign?

  • 95% of the world’s population will have access to a full Bible.
  • 99.96% of the world’s population will have access to a New Testament.
  • 100% of the world’s population will have access to at least some portion of Scripture.
  • 2 viable Bible translations will be available in the world’s most strategic 100 written languages.

How many people are living in Bible poverty today?

1 billion

What does it mean to host a campaign?

The ask is simple – rally your community to get behind this with us. This could be your church, Bible study group, FCA, CRU, fraternity/sorority, whatever organization or group you are a part of.

What do I need to host a campaign?

We’ve created all of the tools you’ll need to host a campaign here: