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The Risk of Apathy

As a Church and as individual Christians, we cannot afford to remain uninvolved with the huge task of Bible translation. Modern Christians face so many distractions that threaten to pull…

Radical Unity

For years, Bible translation agencies counted down languages still waiting for Scripture, added up people groups without God’s Word, multiplied impact through creative strategies and grown workforces, and relentlessly imagined…

Life Without the Bible?

What would your Christian life be like if you didn’t have the Bible? You’ve probably never had to think about it — there are Bibles in every hotel room, church,…

Our Opportunity and Obligation

We’re passionate about Bible translation because God is passionate about Bible translation. From Genesis to Revelation, Scripture testifies to God’s desire to make His glory and redemption known to all…

Bible Translation is the Great Commission

Over two thousand years ago, Jesus stood on a mountain in Galilee and called His disciples to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name…
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